Korean Skin Care

Koreans has relatively clear and healthy skin than other people, and yes, there is not any secret behind it, but they have a great skincare routine for themselves. They do not have more skincare products than you, but yes, they have a technique on how to use the same products that you can also use. They have a predefined sequence and routine to use skincare products.

Korean Skin Care Products and their usage sequence:
1.     Makeup remover and oil cleanser

Oil cleanser and makeup remover are the first product they use, and it is 1st step of their routine to bring the skin in natural condition before using any other product.
2.     Water-based cleanser

The second step of their routine is the water-based cleanser, that is used to remove impurities from skin by dissolving in the skin.
3.     Exfoliator

It cleans the pores of the skin and also remove and cure the dead skin cells for brighter skin.
4.     Toner

These are used to remove the remaining chemicals and leftovers from cleanser they use in step 3rd.
5.     Essence

The essence is used to hydrating skin, anti-aging, and complexion enhancement of the skin.
6.     Treatments
Treatments contain heavy ingredients to take care of acne, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

7.     Sheet mask

Let me mention here hat essence is the heart of skincare also at the same time skin masks are the soul of Korean skincare routine. Sheet masks are useful to moisture the skin and to absorb nutrients into the skin.

8.     Eye cream

Eye creams are essential for Koreans as the skin around eyes is mostly thin and relatively light and easy to be targeted by dark circles and puffiness, so skin cream helps to avoid these issues.
9.     Moisturizer

Moisturizers are the best source to keep skin moisturize and healthy. Aloe Vera is the main source of skin moisturizers and most likely ingredients in skin products.
10.  Sunscreen

UV light and sunlight are the worst enemies of skin if absorbed in the excess amount into the skin. Sunscreen is the only way to keep your skin safe and protected in sunlight.

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